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Say This 1 Motto Every Day If You Want to Feel More Confident at Work

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When first inspired to write this article, I was ready. Motto in my brain, ready to exclaim. The phrase “I’ve got this…” was the winner. I knew it. It is the ultimate empowerment statement. It is the quintessential confidence proclamation. It is the end-all and be-all of a woman being prepared to conquer her workday (and the rest of the challenges the world torpedoes in her way).

But it’s fake. The women I know wake up with insecurities. They wake up feeling like they have already failed the day in some capacity, even though the only thing they’ve done is opened their eyes. They worry they’re behind and will never feel caught up (whatever in the world “caught up” really means). They lament a bad dream and the impact it might have on their workday. They don’t inherently feel like they’ve “got this.”

But what we do have is each other. We have the vulnerability and transparency that comes with a close confidant to whom you can reach out and say “Hey girl, hey.”

“Hey girl, hey” is asking for help and receiving it. “Hey girl, hey” is sharing your fraudulent, silly insecurities with someone who will respond by telling you that you are silly AND amazing. “Hey girl, hey” is confiding your fears of your big work meeting and someone pep-talking you off the ledge. “Hey girl, hey” is the half an ounce of cheer we might need in a morning that we don’t feel worthy of getting out of bed. “Hey girl, hey” takes the confidence of one woman and transfers it to another woman in need.

Our power is together. Our world is one in which we have each other’s backs and build each other up. We dedicate ourselves to each other, in that each person becomes significant by fully optimizing their potential as a result of the bond we share. Individual confidence can take us to the top of a mountain, but the relationships we have with other women make us and our confidence fly high above the mountain peaks.

“Hey girl, hey” is the true motto that confident women know and say before each workday. It’s the motto of imperfect women waking up to make a difference each day. It is the motto of knowing when you need your powerhouse support army to make it happen. And for everyone in your support army, know that you very likely serve in the support army of many women in your life. We’re in service to each other. We do this, together.

How has “Hey, girl, hey” been a motto for the start of your workday? How have you leveraged your support army? Share with us in the comments.

This article first appeared on Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women dedicated to helping them achieve their career goals.

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