The World Cup is BACK!!!

Am I the only one that is excited about the 2018 World Cup? It is finally here and yet… no one at Hive is as excited about it as I am. And no, it’s not called soccer where I am from, I’ll need to teach them about real football…(not the one played with your hands)

The first match today saw five goals galore, with the World Cup host easing to a thumping victory in Moscow!

I know I can’t be the only one that is excited about this. So I decided to run an experiment to see if there are other soccer fans out there! Now that we have thousands of teams using Hive every day, we are getting unparalleled data on how individuals and teams work.

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I wanted to see if there was a dip in productivity during the time of the match. Why? Because I know if they are as fanatic as I am, they would be watching the match in the office secretly!

Author’s note: We take privacy very seriously at Hive. The data below is an aggregate across all Hive users. We never access or use any individual data of Hive customers.

And this is what I found…

Game Start: At the start of the whistle, only an average of 1.76 actions were completed per user. This is 52% less than a regular Thursday where 3.64 actions completed per user on average.

Halftime: During halftime, the average actions completed per user increased by a whopping 161%. This is insane for a time period of 15 minutes! That’s the length of halftime if you are not a football fan. During this short window, 3.69 actions were completed by a user on average! I am not sure about you, but after the first half, my heart was pumping with adrenaline!

Second Half: There is no prize for guessing it right! Indeed… there was a dip in productivity when the match resumed, with an average of 2 – 3 actions completed by a user. That’s a 43% dip!

We are on fire after the match.

Final whistle:  Productivity skyrocketed 15 minutes after the game! Hive saw an average of 7.16 actions completed by a user, and that is 93% more than compared to a regular Thursday. Heh, I guess we are good workers after all 🙂 The post-game guilt set in and we all started working our hearts out.

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What this means:

Of course, I can’t be 100% sure that there is a correlation between Hive’s activities and World Cup but yet… isn’t it fascinating? It’s also comforting knowing that I am not the only one watching it during work secretly (Hive-5 to all other fans out there!) Yet, on a serious note, the potential to improve team performance using this kind of data is clearly huge! What questions would you ask? We recently just launched Hive Analytics, and teams love it!

No matter how you work, Hive has you covered.

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