Hive Zoom Integration

Hive + Zoom: The Secret To Remote Work Success

Remote work is the new way of life for millions of people around the world — for many, we’ve entered entirely unknown territory. The question is, will people who have never before worked remote be able to transition and maintain productivity?

While there are certainly benefits to working from home — you don’t have to leave the house or your pajamas, more time to hang with your dog, fewer distractions than working in an open office, and a flexible schedule — the downside is that you’re separated physically from co-workers. This makes meeting, collaborating, and communicating more complicated.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you seamlessly transition to working from home and remain productive. One must-have is obviously Zoom for easy video communication. Hive is another great option because it allows you to email, chat, collaborate on tasks, and assess workload from flexible project views. The cool thing is, Hive seamlessly integrates with Zoom so you can start a meeting directly from a Hive chat. Hive and Zoom’s integration are especially valuable during this era of remote work.

Hive Zoom Integration

Here are a few reasons why a Zoom and Hive integration is essential for remote work:

  • Quick syncs: You know those unplanned “quick syncs” you have when you walk by a coworker’s desk and chat for a few minutes about upcoming projects? It’s not *quite* a planned meeting, but it’s not super casual either. This integration easily enables these sorts of meetings, as you just need to type a few characters to get from chat message to video.
  • Screen sharing: One of the biggest challenges with face-to-face meetings can be sorting out tech for screen sharing, or making sure the person you’re meeting with has access to the same documents you do. With Zoom’s screen sharing feature, this is easier than ever, because you can directly share your screen with other meeting participants. Users can also drop files into Hive chat messages before you hop on the phone, which makes it even easier to reference documents and files.
  • Meeting records: We’ve all been there — you’ve just wrapped an in-person meeting and you totally forget a few action items you need to take. With Zoom’s recording feature, you can easily record and play back conversations. Use Hive to assign these next steps to teammates as tasks, attach necessary files, and mark due dates.
  • Fun backgrounds: Who doesn’t love a fun Zoom background? Working from home can get monotonous, but you can easily go from a Hive chat to a video conference with one of Zoom’s custom backgrounds to add a bit of much-needed flair to any conversation. Zoom comes with a few great backgrounds right out of the box, or upload your own and put your personality on full display.

To activate Hive’s Zoom integration, simply navigate to your profile picture dropdown and scroll to Hive Apps. When the tile screen comes up, select Zoom and log in with your Zoom account info. The setup takes 30 seconds total, and once complete, you can start a meeting by simply typing “/zoom” into any Hive chat window. When you do that, you’ll be automatically sent to a new Zoom meeting window.

Zoom users can find the Hive integration in the Zoom App Marketplace and follow a similar process.

“I love that Zoom is a feature within Hive. Now that we are all remote, it’s nice to be able to send a quick Zoom invite in the chat feature. This is our team’s way of popping in to ask a quick question or to simply check in.” 

— Mary Kate Klump, Brand Manager, Marketing & Communications, Washington University’s Olin Business School

“Although we have been enthusiastic users of Zoom and Hive for some time, the current environment means that both tools are even more important. The integration of Zoom with Hive makes connecting with our team convenient, fast, and effective.” 

— Philip Ralph, Managing Director, The Leadership Sphere

These are just a few of the many ways Hive and Zoom’s integration works together to provide a powerful remote work experience. Do you have any additional tips for using Zoom + Hive together? Send a note to