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How a Large Team Uses Hive To Track Their Work Performance

Whether you’re managing a small team or overseeing a large organization, you need to keep track of the time your team members spend on the various aspects of their work. Want to know which projects get the most attention? Need to understand if you’re over-or under-servicing a client? With Hive, you can easily find out, putting you in control of your time, and empowering you to make even better decisions around your business.

Because every organization is different, Hive offers you a variety of ways to track your team’s working hours. In this post, we’re going to cover the different options available, so you can choose which time tracking method best suits you and your team.

With Hive, you and your team can keep track of the time you spend on projects on an action and sub-action level. You’ll enjoy visibility over time tracked versus estimated and be able to filter actions by project, team, or individual to see which actions are taking the most time or which team members are spending the most time on the project. You can also create reports around the time your team is spending. So let’s dig deeper and look at how Hive’s time-tracking features work.

Two ways to track time in Hive action cards

In order to enable time-tracking in Hive, you first have to toggle on the App in your workspace. Note that if you are using the Hive Solo premium plan, you will have to upgrade to a Hive Teams subscription to take full advantage of Hive’s time tracking features.

Once you have enabled the Time-tracking app in the Apps area of Hive, you will see time-tracking capabilities appear in each of your action cards. It’s as simple as that — you’re now ready to start tracking how much time your team spends on each activity activity.

There are two ways you can track time in an Action card:

  1. Adding time manually via the ‘Add time’ button
  2. Recording in real-time via the ‘Record’ button

1. Manually adding time to an action card

track time in hive action card

If adding time manually, you can use the pre-existing time options available in Hive, or you can choose to enter the time yourself. Simply select the date you want to attribute the time to — it can be today, a date in the past or the future. You can also enter the time category, e.g. ‘billable’ which only admins can set up. You can also add a description of the task and attribute time to other team members.

You don’t even have to go into the action card to add time; you can also do it via ‘My actions’ on your navigation bar, via Gantt view and Table View.

2. Recording in real-time

record time in hive

If you choose to track time using ‘Record’, first you will need to find the associated action card for the task you’re working on. In the action card, simply click “Record” to start and stop time as you work on the task. This time will be tracked right in Hive, so you can focus on your actual work instead of the admin tasks surrounding it.

Reviewing time entries in Hive

As a manager, you may well want to dig into the specifics of each time entry to see what your team has been working on. To review a time entry, click on Time-tracking within the action card. Here, you will see a breakdown of ‘Tracked’ and ‘Estimated’ time spent on the project by each of your team members.

You can also edit or delete time entries too by hovering over either the pencil (edit) or the trash (delete) icon and clicking.

With Hive’s Time-tracking app, you can even keep tabs on time spent at a sub-action level.

Reporting on time-tracking

If you want to create a report around the time your team is spending on a project or action, simply click on ‘Time-tracking’ in the navigation bar and you will see how the team spent their time on each task. You can set the time period you want to analyze, and you can filter by project, by team, or by an individual team member.

When you’ve set the parameters that you want to report on, simply click the ‘Download’ option at the top of the timesheet and Hive will export that data to Excel.

It’s that simple! With Hive, you enjoy visibility over the time you and your team are investing in a project, so you can adjust your workflow or billing accordingly.

If you want to see a walk-through of Hive’s Time-tracking app in action, check out our helpful video below.

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