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10 Great Productivity Podcasts For Teams To Work Smarter

Making the most of your commute or lunch break by listening to a thought-provoking podcast can be productive in itself. But there are also podcasts about productivity that can benefit you and your team. From interviews with business icons to tactics to maximize your time and energy, productivity podcasts can deliver inspiration, insights, actionable tips, or all of the above.

Whether you binge-listen to some of the podcasts below and bring your newfound wisdom to your team or encourage your teammates to check them out for themselves, one thing is for sure: A team who is intentional about productivity will end up being more productive. Here are the best productivity podcasts for teams.

1. Getting Things Done

“Getting Things Done” is an iconic book written by veteran coach and management consultant David Allen – and it’s also the name of Allen’s signature method for high performance with less stress. Now there is also a Getting Things Done podcast, which is a gold mine for project-management principles that will take your team’s efforts to the next level, as well as a glimpse into how Allen tackles different situations at work.

2. Prodpod

Prodpod’s premise is straightforward: “the podcast of personal productivity lessons in two minutes or less.” The bite-sized episodes deliver truly unique perspectives on topics such as productivity and resilience or limiting resources for greater productivity. The best part? It’s easy to get others to listen to something that will only take two minutes of their time, and it’s perfect for busy schedules.

3. A Productive Conversation

Host Mark Vardy, writer, speaker and productivity strategist, loves to geek out about productivity. And that’s what makes this podcast so good. Vardy invites fellow productivity experts to discuss topics such as focus, time-management, goals, to-do lists, habits, workflows and much more. If you enjoy hearing about how different business leaders approach productivity, you’ll enjoy the interviews.

4. Supermanagers

Supermanagers, a podcast by the team behind, aims to help leaders and managers refine their leadership skills. But no need to be in a management position to benefit from the advice offered in this show – it can be useful for teams who want to cultivate a high-performance mindset. From navigating conflict to protecting company culture and avoiding hiring biases, the episodes are based on interviews with high-level executives who have lots of experience dealing with challenges in the workplace.

5. Extreme Productivity

Talk about setting specific, measurable goals. New York Times best-selling author and Inc 500 serial entrepreneur Kevin Kruse says that his podcast will help you 10x your productivity while adding at least one extra hour of free time to your day. Whether Kruse is sharing his own know-how or picking the brains of the most productive people in the world, from Olympians to straight-A students, extreme productivity is the idea of this show – and it’s impossible to listen to it and not feel motivated to boost yours.

6. Beyond the To-Do List

What’s great about Beyond The To-Do List is that it approaches productivity from a more holistic standpoint. The description of the show says it all “We explore all aspects of productivity, including getting the right work done, getting good work done, and the true end goal of productivity: living a meaningful life. Learn how to choose the right projects, tasks, and goals in work and life.” Setting boundaries, cultivating professional happiness, and overcoming overwhelm are a few examples of the themes covered. And since productivity is not about burning out, this is a great listen for teams.

7. Achieve Your Goals

If you’ve set goals with your team but need some oomph to achieve them, look no further than the Achieve Your Goals podcast, hosted by Hal Elrod, speaker, coach, and best-selling author of “The Miracle Morning,” which breaks down the best practices for morning rituals.

In this podcast, Elrod does equip you with tactics and strategies, but what makes it stand out is the way each episode elevates your mindset when it comes to reaching your goals. For example, the episode on how to optimize your most important relationships can leave you feeling inspired to be a better co-worker. And the one on the importance of changing your perspective can help you view some of the problems in your week in a new light.

8. How I Built This

Guy Raz, an award-winning reporter, former host, and co-creator of TED Radio Hour, is ahead of How I Built This. The podcast shares stories of the biggest companies in the world, revealing surprising details about their journey. How I Built This is a conversation for entrepreneurs, innovators, and curious minds looking to improve creativity, productivity, collaboration skills, and build things. The show has new episodes every Monday and Thursday.

9. The Knowledge Project

The Knowledge Project hosted by entrepreneur and investor Shane Parrish is a down-to-earth, conversational style podcast that aims to bring listeners into a space that is inclusive and enlightening. Like a casual exchange between close friends, guests include experts in their field, and topics span a wide array of subjects such as Business & Leadership, Decision Making, Health & Longevity, Investing, Parenting, and much more. Easily described as “the best of what other people have already figured out”, new episodes are available every second Tuesday.

10. DistantJob

DistantJob is a recruitment agency that specializes in remote work, matching companies and developers from all around the world. DistantJob also offers a fantastic podcast that shares interviews with people who have had much success working in entirely remote environments. Offering loads of valuable insight, the conversations cover a wide array of topics from helping remote leaders reach their full potential to time management as a remote worker. Beyond productivity advice, DistantJob podcast also dives into other remote work experiences such as DEI, digital nomads, designing policies, and more. If you are working in a remote or hybrid work environment, there’s likely to be something within the library of nearly 200 episodes that you will find worth listening to.

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