The Definitive Guide to Productivity Styles + Quiz

In this always-on, work-work world, managers are often checking that their employees are glued to their computers, phones, and tablets, and not just glued, but being super productive. One way to ensure that is to install those new desk sensors that tell you when employees get up from their seats. A better alternative is to

Approach every team problem with these 3 steps

The 3 steps team problem solving approach We’ve all been there. I’m sure at some point in the last year you’ve dealt with a crappy boss, impossible coworker or a part of your job that is unnecessarily stressful. I’ve been lucky in my career to experience a wide variety of team dynamics: first at very

$4 million to build Hive

Building Hive We’re delighted to share that we’ve reached an exciting new milestone in Hive’s journey, with $4m of investment to build our vision for a simpler workplace. Vocap Investment Partners led the round that included Rembrandt Venture Partners and return investors Tribeca Venture Partners. It’s a potent team for a heck of a challenge:

Automate with Hive for greater productivity

Automate with Hive for greater productivity Project management tools are supposed to get stuff done. That’s why we use them. Trouble is, few deliver on that promise. A good project management tool helps you create plans, execute, and monitor progress. It creates a transparent record of what everyone is working on and plans for the

Redesigning Hive for greater productivity gain

Redesigning Hive In March 2017, our design and dev teams completed a complete redesign of our app. In this post, we’ll discuss why and how we did it. Why redesign? At Hive, we want to provide our users with the most seamless user experience possible. We are always thinking critically about how to improve through

Productivity Check: Women on fire after lunch?

Productivity Check I was walking into the Hive offices this morning when a thought hit me. We have thousands of teams using Hive every day, so we also have amazing data on how individuals and teams work. Privacy is critical here, and we only keep a running total of ‘things that have happened’ (for example, a message

Hive’s 7 Design Principles

Hive’s 7 Design Principles Here at Hive, we’re pretty obsessed with usability. To guide our decision-making, we run every design choice past a set of 7 very simple design principles. If it fails to meet one, we tweak and start again. Predictable People prefer certainty to puzzled surprise. Many products aim to guess what the

The 5 Tools Your Enterprise Startup Needs for success

Tools for start up Running an enterprise-focused startup is hard. You take the usual challenges (financial constraints, competitive market, building a team etc) and add some special extras (compliance, sales cycle, customer success).But there are some powerful shortcuts. When we started Hive, it wasn’t easy to decide which tools would give us a headstart as