Release Notes

November 2021


  • Manually resend approval request email
  • Retroactively update custom bill rates

Projects & Tasks

  • Retrieve task history via API
  • Assign form submissions to multiple users
  • Customization of Project Navigator columns
  • Color-coded rows in Table View


  • Right click to add time to action card
  • Ability to mass follow or unfollow action cards
  • Ability to hide Hive Apps on action cards
  • Alphabetized custom fields in action card
  • Pop-up when tagging OOO teammate
  • Restore subactions from trash bin
  • Ability to add subaction assignees when “Scheduling Meeting”
  • Restore subactions from trash bin

October 2021


  • Filter out blocked actions in Table View
  • Enhanced label picker in Table View
  • Gantt View export options


  • Separate sound settings for chat and action assignments
  • Limit workspace creation to admins
  • Save custom statuses

Projects & Tasks

  • Ability to export only parent actions
  • Ability to copy project and action custom fields
  • Show task hierarchy on export
  • Add team from project navigator
  • Ability to not pull projects with no hours
  • Save custom color
  • Type to search in Custom Fields
  • Add subactions of subactions to action templates
  • Ability to tag external users in proofing

Resourcing & Timesheets

  • Ability to split long resourcing timelines
  • Resourcing assignment to match Zoom level
  • Remove “No Category” default from timesheets
  • “In Review” status for approvals
  • Parent project as column in resourcing export

September 2021

Tasks and Projects

  • @mention all project members on action card
  • Restrict project archive to admins or owners
  • Improved search functionality for actions

External Users

  • Create a team for external users


  • Messaging changes on mobile
  • Browser as default option for opening Hive from email


  • Add parent action column to Portfolio View
  • Retain hierarchy for project in Gantt for Summary views
  • Hold Table View columns from template in applied project
  • Collapsible side bar


  • Hive API updates
  • Simple ID available in API

My Day

  • Auto-add approval templates with project templates
  • Drag an action into My Day
  • Clickable links in My Day

August 2021

Tasks and Projects

  • Allow start and end date on same day
  • Ability to export project custom fields
  • Order dependencies sequentially
  • Ability to restrict status creation to project owners
  • Access label history in action card history
  • Unfollow subactions from parent card
  • Ability to export only parent actions
  • Show task hierarchy on export
  • Add team from project navigator
  • Ability to copy project and action custom fields
  • Enhanced label picker in Table View
  • Ability to split long resourcing timelines
  • Ability to not pull projects with no hours
  • Limit workspace creation to admins
  • Ability to tag external users in proofing
  • Save custom color
  • Gantt View export options
  • Type to search in Custom Fields
  • Gantt View export options
  • Add subactions of subactions to action templates
  • Remove “No Category” default from timesheets
  • “In Review” status for approvals
  • Parent project as column in resourcing export

My Actions

  • 14 day filter for My Actions
  • Tomorrow filter for My Actions

Trash Bin

  • Trash bin now available for all items deleted in last 30 days
  • Trash bin is workspace wide – but you will not be able to see the deleted tasks if you don’t have access to them


  • Ability to archive all Notes as well as unarchive
  • Add custom text colors to Notes!
  • Strikethrough option for Notes text

Project View

  • Add parent action column to Portfolio View
  • Sort by project completion in Portfolio View
  • Sort subactions by due date in Kanban view
  • Add assignee as column in Gantt view
  • Filter out blocked actions in Table View


  • Separate sound settings for chat and action assignments
  • Save custom statuses

July 2021


  • Edit status in workspace settings
  • Customize notifications by project
  • Delineate notifications by personal and group
  • New label creation settings
  • Pin chat conversations
  • Separate @ mentions in notifications
  • Admin control for forms


  • Shareable Notes URL
  • Share Note with entire Workspace
  • Hive Notes for Zoom!!
  • Comments in Notes available on mobile
  • Archive option for Notes

Proofing & Templates

  • Upload multiple files as one proof
  • Ability to specify parent project in template
  • Filtered approvals view

Projects & Tasks

  • Ability to see project start date in portfolio view
  • “Ready to work on” dependency notification updates
  • Auto-populate predecessors in Gantt
  • Trash bin for recently deleted items (30 day lifespan)
  • Allow start and end date for action to be on same day
  • Export project custom fields in Table View
  • 14 day filter for My Actions view
  • Ability to order dependencies sequentially


June 2021


  • Ability to add OOO setting
  • Workspace settings revamp


  • Ability to view archived projects as read-only
  • Project activity changelog now available
  • Ability to copy sub-actions
  • Read-only viewers can view project homepage
  • Ability to save action templates without sub-actions
  • Ability to remove yourself from a project


  • Sort by due date in Portfolio View
  • Ability to unbundle sub-actions in Table View
  • Show action dates on Gantt link share
  • Updates to undo in Gantt view


  • Chat bubble alerts for group messaging

May 2021

Proofing and approvals

  • Proofing and approvals functionality available for read-only users

Project View

  • Simple ID available in Table View
  • Gantt baselines now available

Mobile app

  • Ability to view project access level in mobile
  • Pinned projects show up first in mobile


  • Comments in Notes available in Hive
  • Notes templates to aid with meeting structure

My Day

  • Full calendar ported into Hive


April 2021


  • Updated video proofing functionality
  • Sync scroll in proofing and ability to view multiple proofs at once
  • Timestamp for all approvals
  • Collapsable proofing rounds if completed or unstarted


  • Sort by action due date in Portfolio View
  • Expand all in Table View
  • Undo in Gantt (up to 10 actions)


  • Subactions time tracked available to view in parent


  • Phase information now available through API

Action card

  • Download all attachments


March 2021


  • Change priority level in table view
  • Holidays excluded from Gantt
  • Ability to view holidays in calendar view


  • Mobile notifications panel updated


  • Create and edit project modal revamp
  • Out of office warning
  • Quick-add new label in action card
  • Add external users through project member modal
  • Time-tracking updated in action card


  • Hive Notes for meetings

February 2021


  • Link action to multiple projects
  • Automatically add Teams to projects
  • Exclude holidays from scheduler
  • Ability to start week on Monday or Sunday


  • Hover over for time estimates


  • Copy an action into a note


January 2021

External users

  • Ability to hide actions from external users on a case-by-case basis


  • Numerical project IDs that never change even if project name is changed
  • New project member permissions including Read Only view

Proofing and Approvals

  • An approvals redesign that simplified the process and overall visibility
  • An undo functionality for annotations and text in the proof (Command Z)

December 2020

Gantt View

  • Multi-year Gantt view that expands to five years


  • Ability to search Notes content
  • Release of Mobile meeting notes
  • Release of collaborative, multi-editor notes

Action Card

  • Priority levels on mobile action card

Navigation & Projects

  • Mobile navigation updates and streamlined interface
  • Custom bill rate available by project

November 2020

Action Cards

  • Ability to assign an action to a team
  • New way to confirm a comment (Cmd/Ctrl + Enter)
  • Priority levels now available on action card
  • Sound on new action creation
  • Carry over dependencies and approvals when action is copied


  • Private section on notes
  • Ability to re-add users who have already been added to note (they will get an email notification)

Portfolio View

  • Edit status inline in PV
  • Show % complete in PV


  • Action card changes on mobile to show avatar and project color code
  • Ability to set status in mobile app
  • Access action card from mobile approvals section

October 2020

Email Signature Formatting

  • Ability to add an email signature in Hive Mail

Proofing and Approvals

  • Updates to help you locate comments and annotations in proofing
  • Scroll user to @mention in proof from notification
  • Access proof from My Approvals
  • Ability to upload Adobe edits and comments into Hive

Projects & Tasks

  • Project quick link in search
  • Recurring subactions
  • Ability to reorder pinned projects in navigation


  • Ability to reorder tasks in notes


September 2020

Action Cards

  • Ability to convert actions to subactions
  • Text editing in action card description
  • Important action reminders
  • Revamped dependency formatting

Proofing and Approvals

  • Ability to start new approval round if all didn’t approve
  • Show proofs on action card
  • New proofing enhancements include:
    • Light and dark mode
    • Comments moved to the right-hand side, will be highlighted when they are selected
    • Pages on the left-hand side
    • View, annotate and edit bar at the top

Table View

  • Create charts from Table View

Portfolio View

  • Create, save and share Portfolio Views with team members

Gantt View

  • Cascade sort for Gantt actions (ability to sort actions chronologically)

Focus Mode

  • Mute all notifications by entering Focus Mode in Hive

August 2020

New Navigation

  • New left-hand side panel that hosts Projects, Apps, My Actions, and Hive Mail for easy access

Focus Mode

  • Enable focus mode in My Apps to pause all notifications across Hive

Portfolio View

  • Ability to create multiple Portfolio Views all accessible from one drop-down
  • Ability to share Portfolio Views with teammates
  • Ability to save Portfolio Views as CSV

Cascade Sort for Gantt Actions

  • Sort Gantt actions chronologically from left to right with new “Cascade sort” button

Mobile App

  • View Proofs on mobile that are up for your approval
  • Share documents from mobile app with a few clicks


  • Open and access multiple Notes on desktop at once

July 2020

Portfolio View

  • Now includes project owners
  • Includes color statuses

Action Cards

  • Ability to add followers to Action Card
  • Auto-complete a parent action once subactions are complete
  • Assign an Action Card to a team
  • Initiate status change after approval is complete

Proofing and Approvals

  • Ability to edit approval templates
  • Stage title for approvals is now displayed in My Actions and Emails


  • Share Action Cards on mobile
  • Show Action Card history

Resourcing and Timesheets

  • Allow for decimals in workweek hours in resourcing
  • New Timesheets export to include user and project tags


  • Include Complete and Incomplete actions in default search
  • Forms support DD/MM/YYYY format
  • New features displayed in Canny lightening bolt

June 2020

  • Approvals
    • Additional control on Approval stage progression
      • Move to next stage when “All approvers respond”
      • Move to next stage when “All approvers approve”
  • Action Cards
    • Save Action Card time estimates in Action Card templates
  • Timesheets
    • Associate time categories with specific Projects in the edit project modal

May 2020

  • Statuses
    • Statuses on action cards are now linked in Notes
  • Workspace settings
    • Added workspace-wide setting that restricts custom field permissions to admins

April 2020

  • Date Format
    • Users can set date format to international or US in profile
  • Portfolio View
    • Milestones are separated from regular actions so users can build portfolio view with greater ease
  • Salesforce Integration
    • The integration can now trigger multiple conditions in Salesforce. This allows users to have more control over when an action or project is created in Hive
  • Timesheets
    • Timesheet reporting now shows estimates with comparisons for actuals

March 2020

  • External Users
    • Ability to view tasks in My Actions and Portfolio View for external users
  • Table View
    • Bulk archive and complete actions in Table View
  • Hive-Jira Integration
    • Link Jira issues to action cards
    • Create a Jira issue from Hive
    • Link Jira project as a read-only project in Hive
  • Gantt View
    • Share Gantt view via URL
    • Easy editing for action tiles in Gantt
    • Enter equations for lead and lag time in Gantt
  • Proofing Tool
    • Ability to edit comments in proof
    • Add statuses to comments (accepted, rejected, cancelled, completed, none)
      • Statuses are searchable
    • Ability to add stamps to proof
  • Project Budget
    • Now available on your project home page
    • Users can enter budget and see what percentage of budget has been spent based on timesheet data
  • Canny Feedback Portal
    • Have a feature request? is now live!
    • Search for existing requests, or add your vote or comment to prospect requests (these are public facing)

February 2020

  • Portfolio view
    • Ability to sort alphanumerically and filter actions
  • Notes
    • New formatting options: Change text color (red/blue) and highlight text
  • Calendar View
    • Stay on top of approval deadlines with approval requests which now show in calendar view
    • Overdue approvals will be shown in red

January 2020

  • Action cards
    • Action custom fields can be added to action templates
    • Addition of an action card description edit log to view all edit history
  • Forms
    • Users can pin frequently-used forms to their workspace
    • Users can find and open pinned forms under the New button
  • Project custom fields
    • Project details are available including status, status description and project due date
    • Project custom fields are available and can be edited from this view
  • Portfolio view
    • Export portfolio view to CSV
  • Projects
    • Easily access child projects from the parent project
      • Child projects will be shown in the project dropdown
      • Clicking on the current project will open the “Edit project” modal
      • Project due date will only appear if there is a due date
  • Gantt
    • Shift project phases in Gantt layout

December 2019

  • Gantt Dependencies
    • New option to enable strict or un-strict dependency scheduling
  • Hive Mail
    • Ability to save an email as a draft
    • Ability to move emails into folders
  • In-App Timesheet Reporting
    • View hours and billable amount in Timesheets
  • Jira Integration
    • Integration allows you to create issue in Hive and replicate in Jira
    • Copies description and assignee from Hive when inputting into Jira
    • Status updates in Jira are reflected in Hive
    • Can link to existing issues in Jira
  • Ability to add comments in approvals
  • External client proofing
    • View proofs sent via email to non-Hive users and add markups

November 2019

  • Custom Fields Library
    • New workspace-wide “library” that contains all custom fields to help ensure consistency across projects
  • My Actions
    • Status filter in My Actions view
    • Now available for external users
  • Timetracking filters exist when exported
  • Portfolio View now has child projects and project custom fields
  • End users can now submit product feedback from Hive with Pendo

October 2019

  • Timesheets
    • Timesheets now support “categories” which allow you to specify type of work done for a given time entry on a project.
    • Navigating away from a timesheet or the timesheets tab will now retain anything you entered so you won’t lose your work.
    • Timesheet entries show in chronological order (by input time) instead of alpha.
  • Portfolio View
    • Placeholder assignees now allow for “multiple” placeholders instead of just one.
  • API
    • Teams are now supported in the Hive API, allowing developers to access teams in the workspace
  • Updating a workspace name and logo are now limited to workspace admins.

September 2019

  • Global “New” button which allows you to add projects or submit forms as easily as you create new actions.
  • Integrations
    • Github integration allows for scoping across forked repos.
  • API endpoints built out for managing user tags, project tags, and adding users to workspaces. All live in API documentation.
  • Recurring actions give the option to update all recurring items except for completed ones.
  • Table view: Phase sorting on table view will cut across child projects.
  • Exports
    • Gantt PDF export now includes any columns made visible on the left side of the Gantt chart (status, dates, duration, etc).
    • Time tracking export will now include a “Total” column for minutes.

August 2019 

  • Actions
    • Time estimates carry over on recurring actions
  • Projects
    • Dragging and dropping in Team layout will ask about replacing placeholder assignees (as it does from the action modal)
    • Users can filter “blocked” actions in status, team and label views
    • Critical path available in Gantt layout
    • Dragging to add a dependency in the Gantt layout will auto-schedule the dependency
    • Gantt dependencies change color on hover, making it more clear which one the user is about to click
    • Draft mode for projects
    • Project templates will copy over project-level custom fields
  • Zapier/API
    • Copying a project via the API and Zapier now copies phases by default. API users can choose to not do so
    • Zapier app now has the option to copy assignees + status on the “Copy project” Zapier action
  • Resourcing & Time Tracking
    • Resourcing export includes actions assigned to users/placeholders
    • Time tracking export improvements include date, project and action title for time tracked
  • Salesforce Integration
    • Works for all standard SFDC objects that are “created” and “updated”
    • Standard SFDC objects allows conditions for what the new field value is
    • Custom SFDC objects supported on “created”
  • Hive Mail
    • Multiple emails from Hive Mail can be added to actions
  • News
    • Users can create their own “Categories” for posts on the “News” page

July 2019

  • Mobile
    • There is now tracking on actions and a formatted action description
    • Addition of green dot on message tab if user has unread messages
  • Forms
    • Date fields on forms now allow users to “Map to action start date” instead of just due date
  • Manage Users
    • Number of users, including accepted, invited and external, now show in “Manage Users”
  • Calendar View
    • Calendar sync utilizes “Due Time” for actions
  • Imports/Export
    • Asana imports (re-imports) will ignore any deleted or archived projects
    • “Simple ID” is now present on CSV exports
  • Hive Mail
    • Attaching an email to an existing action shows the project name of searched actions
  • Project Home Page
    • All attachments for actions across projects will show in project homepage
  • My Actions
    • Ability to filter “My Actions” by “Blocked”
  • Projects
    • All attachments for actions across the project will show in the project homepage
    • Calendar sync utilizes “Due Time” for actions
    • Current day on Calendar View is highlighted
    • Column ordering on Table View will retain on a per-user basis
    • Duplicating project templates now copies phases, phase placement and dependencies
    • Placeholder assignees are now selectable from Gantt View
  • Workplace Settings
    • Total number of users, including accepted, invited and external, now show in “Manage Users”
    • Workspace admins can disable the ability for users to connect Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and Box
  • Resourcing/Time Tracking
    • Actions assigned to placeholders now show in Resourcing under their placeholder if they have start/end dates and time estimates
    • Time tracking totals to show in table view and CSV/Excel exports
    • Resource support for “User Tags”

June 2019

  • Table View
    • Visual updates:
      • Completed rows show as green
      • Milestone rows show as yellow
      • Parent actions show as bold
      • Child actions all show as same color in their family
  • Placeholders
    • Users can add Placeholders to projects
    • Once Placeholders are on a project, they can assign actions to them (usually done via project templates)
    • Changing from a Placeholder to a real user will prompt if you’d like to bulk assign the user all actions in the project assigned to Placeholder
  • User Settings
    • Workspace admins can control which file storage integrations can be configured by users
    • Workspace settings limited to just admins instead of all users
  • Integrations
    • Hive is now live in MS teams app store
    • Hive is now live in Google’s “GSuite SAML App Catalog,” enabling better/pre-configured SSO support for GSuite
  • Mobile App
    • Convert HEIC uploads (photo shares from iOS) to normal photos
    • Route to comments on tap of comment notification
    • @mention teams and groups
    • Add subactions
  • Mail
    • Link existing action to an email
    • Mark emails as unread
    • Add inline images in emails
  • Action Templates
    • Limit editing of action templates so other users don’t mess with your stuff
  • Time Estimates
    • Time estimates will allow for multiple estimates assigned to multiple people

May 2019

  • Blocked Actions: Actions assigned to you now have a visual indicator if they are blocked by a dependency.
  • Forms: Projects can now be created directly from a form submission.
  • Child Projects: You can now quickly access parent projects directly from child projects.
  • CSV Import Updates:
    • Ability to import sub-actions
    • Ability to import dependencies
    • Updated functionality for MS Project imports
    • Ability to define and import milestones
  • Week Ahead Email: Users can now receive an email showing actions due each week by project
  • Proofing Updates
    • Comments are now numbered for easy reference
    • File versions are now visible in the drop down menu in the “compare” mode

April 2019

  • Project Baseline: Users now have the ability to take “Snapshots” of a project’s planned start/end date. Once exported into a CSV or Excel file, users will be able to compare planned v.s actual start and end date.
  • Project Home page with Notes: Notes section available for users to easily see notes that are accessible to them. (Notes that you have created or directly shared with you)
  • Manage External User: Users now have the ability to manage external users separately form internal members. You can also convert an external member to an internal member with the click of a button.
    • Managing external users made easier. Users can now also see the project that the external user is on.
  • Mail Improvement: 
    • Search will no longer exclude items previously archived
    • Faster contact searching, with robust data fetching
    • UI tweaks for better experience
    • Folders are now available in Hive Mail

March 2019

  • Project Home-Page: Users can now easily project status, custom-field, membership all in the brand new project homepage!
  • Export Resourcing to CSV: Users can now export resourcing data to CSV file.
  • CSV Import Improvement: A sample template for CSV is provided, and there will be more feedback for CSV import.
    • Import phases and Status Easily
  • Add User Role in Action Custom Field: 
    • Supports ‘Dynamic Field User” from Hive Forms.
    • Support ‘Dynamic Label’ from Hive Forms.
    • Allow users to add arbitrary user field as custom fields. (E.g Owner, Approval) to fit your use case.
  • Improvement to Hive Notes: 
    • You can manage all your notes in a single window. Easily copy and delete your notes with this improvement.
    • Notes on Desktop App will open a new window
  • Configure SSO with OneLogin
  • Email a summary of your project/summary view

February 2019

  • Hive Mail: Users can now easily track mail, assigns email as actions and respond to emails all within Hive. Users do not have to switch between applications anymore.
  • Hive Notes Improvement:
    • Autolinking URL
    • UI Improvement – See sharing settings of Hive Notes when a note is shared with you
    • Send Notes via Email – Users now have the ability to send notes out as email via Hive Mail.
    • Notes have a project picker up top
    • Notes will be shared to e-mail recipients on Hive
    • Sharing options now include “teams”
  • Time-Tracking Dashboard Improvement: Filter your time-tracking dashboard with “Teams” filter.
  • Form Upgrades:
    • URL – autolink
    • Ability to map form field to multiple places (map to description & custom field)
  • Resourcing Upgrades:
    • Filter are now sticky. Filters will not be reset on refresh.
    • Right-click to delete
    • Send Notes via Email – Users now have the ability to send notes out as email via Hive Mail.
    • New boarders for “Week” delimiters
    • Better visual on Zoom
  • Project Custom Field Upgrades: Ability to set drop-down
  • Action Modal Updates:
    • Minimize icon changed to reflect the icon you would see
    • “Jump to project” icon changed to sit next to project picker
    • Share icon changed
    • My actions Kanban now shows all subsections with due-dates at top level so users don’t miss deadlines
  • Save as template: Users now have the ability to save an entire action as an action template
  • Navigate “My Actions” with Hotkeys: Left and right arrows
  • Milestone updates:
    • Milestones in gantt will be displayed with a flag on left-grid
    • Milestone toggle moved for better visual

January 2019

  • Public Projects: Users now have the ability to allow anybody in the workspace access to the project yet only showing available assignees based on project members.
  • Resourcing Upgrades: Users now have the ability to view actions of users from Resourcing tab.
    • Change in styling –
  • Project Templates: Users now have the ability to create project templates. Projects marked as templates will not appear in “My Actions View” or Summary View.
  • Form Upgrades:
    • Users now have the ability to map date fields to an action’s due date
    • Conditional fields
    • Dynamic fields
    • Dynamic email sending based on submission fields
  • CSV Import Upgrades: Users now have the ability to import CSV with complex data sets in Hive easily. Any column in CSV which does not match with Hive Default will appear as custom field on project.
  • Gmail Add-on: Users now have the ability to easily create actions from their emails with the new Gmail Add-on.
  • API Upgrade: Ability to add/read comments via API
  • Notification Improvement: Notification clutter is now reduced.
  • Table View Improvement:
    • Filter – Users now have the ability to clear all filters. Column with filter will be highlighted blue.
    • Due-time column now available in table view
    • Hyper link is now active
    • User preference. Table view now remembers column widths defined by users.

December 2018

  • Gantt Chart Upgrade: Users now have the ability to show more action attributes in gantt:
    • Status, Start Date, End Date, Duration, Predecessor. Edit these attributes in Gantt chart for a complete experience.
  • “Daily Recurring”: Ability to set actions as “Daily recurring”
  • Github Update: Integration now shows passing/failing checks in GitHub feed
  • Action Snoozing: Snooze is per-user basis.
  • Mobile App Release: 
    • Create new actions on mobile
    • Switch between projects on mobile
  • Table View Upgrade:
    • Filter by absolute date values and ranges on start/due/completed/last updated dates.
    • Ability to copy/paste multiple highlighted cells in table view: users now have the ability to bulk update on table view.
  • Notes: Users now have the ability to create actions from notes.
    • H1/H2 is now supported
    • You can share notes via people picker so that you can choose who to share the notes to
    • Beta: Email sharing: Users have the ability to email an html copy of the note with internal and external users.

November 2018

  • Recurring Actions Update: You can now create recurring actions from “My Actions” view
  • Icon Styling Refresh: Enjoy new and lighter icons across the app!
  • Calendar View Upgrade:
    • On the settings button, you can now choose to hide/show project start/end dates
    • On the settings button, you can now choose to hide/show actions
  • Draft comments:If an action is closed while writing a comment, the comment will be kept as a draft. Return to the action card and complete your comment when you are ready.
  • Table View Bulk Status Update: You can now bulk select actions, and have the ability to update all selected rows.
  • Pin rows in Table View: You can now pin a row on table view. If an action is “pinned”, it will show regardless of what filters are applied.
  • Image attachment on Action: Image preview will appear on action cards that have an image attachment.
  • Custom Field Drop Down: You now have the ability to create drop-down for action custom fields.
  • Permission Settings for Resourcing: Workspace admin has the ability to limit resourcing to selected users/team.
  • Mark as “Unread”: You can now mark a message as unread.

October 2018

  • Reordering Status: You now have the ability to reorder statuses in “My Actions Kanban” view
  • Add Hyperlink: You can now add hyperlinks to action descriptions now.
  • Custom Color: You can now fully customize project and label colors with our hex editor.
  • Parent Project Upgrade: When navigating to a parent project, it now shows action of child project.
  • New Hotkeys: “New Action” menu allows keyboard navigation UP/DOWN to navigate, and ENTER to select.
  • Performance Improvements: Large workspaces should now be able to navigate Hive at a quicker speed.
  • Action Due Times: Users can now set a due time on an action with due-date. If a due time is set, users will be notified 15 minutes before due-time.
  • Microsoft One Drive Improvement: You can now connect One-Drive business with Hive.
  • Resourcing Upgrade:
    • Reflect estimated time in days
    • Zoom settings changed to show week/month/year
    • You can now include weekends from the settings menu
  • Table View Updates:
    • “Attachments” section now denotes presence of attachments
    • Table View will now remember your hidden/shown columns after refresh
    • Ability to add new statuses when editing cell
    • Ability to add new labels when editing cell
  • Mobile App Upgrade: 
    • “My Action View” is now live on Hive mobile app.

September 2018

  • Time-Tracking Dashboard Improvement: Actions that have time-estimates but no time-tracked will still be reflected in time-tracking dashboard.
  • Full Name: Full name is now shown across the application, not just workspaces.
  • Table View Export: Export table view to CSV. If you are on a filtered view, you will be exporting the filtered view.
  • Email Notifications improvement: When a team member adds a comment on an action that you are following, you will get an email notification showing the content of the comments.
  • Project Improvement:
    • Start Date: Add a start date to your project and see it appear in calendar view like due-date does.
    • Project Navigator now includes custom field.
  • Github IntegrationYou can now View Git Commits, Branches, and Pull Requests in Hive.
    • Github Quick Copy Button: You can now copy branch name to clipboard easily
  • Resourcing: You can now manage all your resources in Hive –  plan, schedule and track your team.
  • Hive Messenger Updates: Better push notification support for your messenger app.
  • “Like” 1-click: Instantly “Like” (Thumbs up!) messages and comments.
  • Copy Project: When you copy projects, actions with custom fields will be copied over as well.
  • ‘My Actions View’ Makeover: You can now organize your “My Actions View” by grouping your actions by projects. You can also filter your tasks by relative dates.
    • “Assigned by me” View: You can now see all the items that are assigned by you to your team-mates! Never lose track of your actions again!

August 2018

  • Improved Zapier Integration: Zaps now support action description on “updated action” trigger.
  • Include team in summary view: Team can be included when creating summary views
  • Action History: Does this ever happen to you? “I just forgot what action I opened”. Now you can view your recently viewed actions with Action History.
  • Group actions by project: You can now group actions by project on “My Actions View”.
  • ‘My Actions View’ Makeover: All action information now sits on one line. Row height are adjusted and shortened giving you the ability to view more actions at once.
  • Gantt chart Improvement: Better visual indicators for how to drag action period upon hovering
  • Milestone: Users can now set any actions as a “Milestone” and it will be shown as differently on Gantt chart. With milestones, you now have great visibility of your team’s goal.
  • Gantt chart Improvement: Better visual indicators for how to drag action period upon hovering
  • Table View stickiness: The filter and sort selections now will be retained when switching project or summary view.
  • Minimize your actions: Now you can easily minimize the action card you are working on. This lets you easily work on other actions or check your messages.
  • More Table View makeover: Filter your list easily when you hover over the column name. Fill and line colors added.
  • Filter ‘My Actions’ View: Filter your ‘My Action’ by due today, this week, this month, overdue, and no due date.
  • Form Copy: You can now duplicate and edit your form, saving the copy as a new form.
  • Add action assignee hotkey: Pressing tab from the action title opens ‘assignees picker’ and brings you to search. Type and use your arrow keys to quickly add assignee
  • Sort by “Last Updated”: You can now sort your actions by ‘Last updated’ in Projects. This will order your actions by the actions last updated.
  • ‘Gantt View’ Export: You can now export Gantt view by date-range

July 2018

  • ‘My Actions’ List Export: Easily export your ‘My Actions” list and attach it to your Hive Chat or email.
  • API Updates: API now supports creating and updating projects, you can view API documentation here.
  • Comment Power-up: Replying on comments is easier now with a ‘Reply” Button. Clicking the button will autofocus comment input and @mention the user.
  • Timestamp in Action History: You can now see timestamps instead of just dates
  • Improvement to Gantt View “No-Weekends”: Items that are due on Saturday/Sunday will now be shown on Friday instead so that nothing fall under the crack.
  • Add Time Estimates to Sub Action: Enable time-tracking and start tracking subaction. This will also be shown in the time tracking dashboard.
  • Create Multiple Copies for Action: You can now create multiple copies of an action as per your requirement instead of clicking the copy button a hundred times.
  • Brand New Table View: You can now view your actions in a table view. Dates are color-coded based on the due date of the project, and you can easily see the urgency of an action.
  • Improvement to Action and Sub-action: If the due date of an action has changed, you now have an option to change the due date of its sub-action.
  • “News” page links: Links on “News” page now display alphabetically
  • Notification Improvement: “Due Today” notifications now appears on “My Notifications”
  • OneLogin Integration: You can now find Hive in OneLogin App Store.
  • Improve filter on Time-Tracking dashboard: You can now filter to “just today” instead of forcing a date range.
  • Gantt chart redesign: 
    • Date scale is more legible and less crammed
    • Fresh icons and background redesign to gantt chart
    • Easy for the eyes – Alternate colors between days.

June 2018

  • Improvement to search: You can now filter your search by project.
  • Add description to sub-action in action template
  • Custom Emoji: Brighten up your workspace with custom emoji. Go to main menu -> Your workspace -> Emoji to manage them.
  • Project navigator makeover:
    • You can easily expand or collapse all projects with the ‘+/- button’
    • You can now see the entire project name when you hover your mouse over project names in project navigator
    • Easily add a project with ‘+ New Project” button
  • Notifications 2.0: Segmented into three separate tabs, it is easier to delineate between the things that need your immediate attention.
    • My Notifications – Shows details on action cards you are assigned, or @mentioned on
    • Activity Feed – Shows details on actions card that you are following
    • Show Read – Revisit a list of all items you have marked as read.
  • Improvements to Gantt Charts:
    • You can now bulk paste a list and insert it as separate actions in Gantt.
    • You can now see recurring actions in Gantt.
  • Color code your pinned projects: When you hover over a project that you have pinned, the color of the project now appears behind the name of the project.
  • Giphy Preview: You can now preview a giphy in Hive messenger and change it before sending.
  • Set dependencies on subactions in action templates: When an action template is applied, now all relevant dependencies are also applied to actions and sub-actions.
  • Added Hotkeys: Press “P” to navigate to project navigator, press “N” to create new action
  • Go to project easily from action: Easily go to a project by press the tooltip at the top-right hand side of an action.

May 2018

  • Hive Analytics: Manage your team’s productivity with our interactive dashboards: My Productivity, Team Productivity, Time Tracking.  You can also set up notifications for Hive Analytics to inform you of opportunities or issues as they arise.
  • Hive News: The former Hive Home Page has been redesigned and rebranded to make it easier to share and react to company news and updates.
  • Teams: Create teams to easily add to groups and projects.
  • OneDrive integration: You can connect and share OneDrive files in your Hive workspace. OneDrive for Business accounts currently unsupported, you can continue to share those files through “Link from Shared Drive”
  • Show weekends in Gantt charts at project level: You have the ability to add weekends to your project Gantt chart when editing the project in project navigator
  • Label colors show in Gantt: You can better differentiate between actions with different labels.
  • @mention teams in messaging: In groups where the team has been added, you can @mention the team to notify everyone on it.
  • Nested child projects in Gantt View: when you click into any parent project and switch to Gantt view, you’ll see child projects (and their actions) in that view, in addition to the parent project actions.
  • Project owner can be changed from the ‘edit’ in project navigator: At the bottom of the edit modal you can select from any of the project members to be a new project owner.
  • @mention teams in the comments section: In projects were the team has been added, you can @mention the team and notify everyone on it.

April 2018

  • Phases: Organize your projects into separate workstreams.
  • Link directly to projects: Share a direct URL to your project which can be found the in the project details.
  • Summary view menu updates: You can now edit, change the layout, access filters, and export directly inside the summary view.
  • Go-to-project: Added a white arrow on action card that lets you jump back to its project.
  • Collapsable child projects: You can collapse child projects to make it easier to go through the project navigator

March 2018

  • External users: Add external users (e.g. contractors and clients) to collaborate on a single project.
  • User statuses: Share your availability with your team.
  • Group by label: Organize Gantt charts to show actions divided by label.
  • Faster messaging: Switching groups is now faster than ever.
  • Hive apps: One place to access available integrations and add-on features.
  • Zoom integrationStart meetings right in Hive messaging groups and direct messages.
  • Ability to limit labels for projects: Visit project navigator to edit the project and select which labels you want to see.

February 2018

  • Time Tracking: Provide time estimates and record time spent within action cards.
  • Edit project labels: Now you can edit the labels you show in your projects instead of having all labels in every project.
  • Team Drive support: You can connect your Google Team Drive account for filesharing in Hive.

January 2018

  • Rich text support for descriptions: You can change font size, bold, add images, make bullets, and more.
  • Redirect to Hive app from email: Connect right into the Hive desktop app from Hive update emails.
  • Project deadlines show on the calendar: The deadline shows when you see the project in Calendar view. That way you’ll won’t lose track of it.

December 2017

  • Nested projects: Add a project as a parent to another to keep project navigator better organized. Learn more.
  • Show status on subactions: If a status of a subaction is different from the main action, it’s now visible.
  • Search for assignees: We’ve added a search box so you don’t have to scroll through to find the person you want to assign an action.

November 2017

  • Urgent action changes: When you mark an action urgent, it automatically pins it to the top of your list.
  • Hive home page: A place where you can post updates and share links with your team. It’s a beta feature you can add to your workspace only if you choose. Access it by going to the main menu and selecting Settings.
  • Preview projects: When you click a project in Project Navigator, it just shows a preview and won’t add it to the top of the project list. Only pinning the project will add it to the top.

October 2017

  • Hide subactions and assignees in calendar view: If you need to make your view less crowded, you can hide them. Learn more.
  • Notifications for actions due today: Get a reminder of what you have coming up today.
  • Label search: Only applies to workspaces with more than 10 labels.
  • Updates to Gantt charts: It’s easier now to add and move actions.
  • Removing the New list: You only have Now and Snoozed lists in My Actions page.
  • Ability to print action cards: You can print action cards to share with others.

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