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Templates for all teams

Quick-start any type of project in Hive with our 100s of templates.

Simple Project Plan

Get your first project started in Hive with this template, built to kick-start your work with five sample tasks.


Template includes:

  • Subactions
  • Labels
  • Statuses

Client Project

For teams working with clients and looking to organize all client-related actions, notes, meetings, and documents in one location.


Template includes:

  • Tasks & subtasks
  • Labels
  • Statuses

Product Roadmap

Plan and communicate your future releases so that your team can stay on track and be prepared for upcoming new features. 


Template includes:

  • Statuses
  • Priority levels
  • Dependencies

Gantt Charts

The bread and butter of project management. Gantt charts help you visualize your project plan so you can be prepared for what’s next. 


Template includes:

  • Milestones
  • Dependencies
  • Task duration

Creative Work

Ideal for teams looking to create, proof, and share creative work internally or externally.


Template includes:

  • Approval logs
  • Asset proofing
  • Tasks & subtasks

Project views that work for you

Visualize your projects and tasks in the way that works best for you.

Kanban view

Utilize Kanban view to understand action progress and visualize initiative progress.

Gantt view

Map out project timelines, track baselines, and execute comprehensive plans

Table view

Lay out actions in Table view to easily sort and filter them according to needs and preference.

Portfolio view

Get a birds-eye-view of actions and tasks across projects.

Calendar view

Visualize all the actions in your project organized by deadline.

List view

All of your project actions delivered in a clean list view.

But, why Hive?

Three very good reasons why choose Hive as your project management tool.

Best product

The world’s only democratically-built platform.

Hive is built by users for users. All the work tools you need are here. And the ones that you want – we will build them for you.

Best price

Hive starts from $5 per user per month.

You won’t find a cheaper plan or the level of support that Hive offers anywhere else. We’re delighted to offer discounts to registered nonprofits.

Best partner

The world’s only adoption guarantee.

All the plans come with the no-risk Hive Adoption Guarantee. So if you don’t love Hive, we’ll pay you back. 

"Making the switch to Hive was one of the best things we have done for our agency."

TDG Marketing
Courtney MacDonald

"Hive combines our 3 prior project management tools into 1."

Cardinal Health team

"Love Hive's responsiveness - like there's real people on the other side of the app!"

ZIEL Simulation
Valerie Van Hoecke

"Our project meetings used to take an hour. Now they barely take 20 minutes thanks to Hive."

City of Kent team

"You do not need to be a qualified project manager to get the immediate benefits of using Hive."

Gary Bright

"I've been in the PM space for 10 years, I've used a ton of scheduling and project management tools, my favorite so far is definitely Hive."

Moss & Associates
Anthony Munoz
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All your work, one place

Consolidate all projects, tasks, deadlines, requests, approvals, notes, and reminders into one single source of truth.

Project planning

Project planning

Plan and execute projects in record time. Consolidate all projects, tasks, deadlines, requests, approvals, notes, and reminders into one single source of truth. Export necessary materials and high-level overviews for senior leadership.

Task management

Task management

Manage tasks at every level, assign to teammates, and track time spent. Utilize project templates to streamline and automate repeatable work. Add unlimited subtasks to larger tasks to ensure that all action items are assigned.



Automate your work in seconds with easy-to-use workflows and automations. Fully streamline task creation and execution to cut down on manual labor. Automatically create tasks, assign owners or change status – possibilities are endless.

Request intake

Request intake

Use Forms to streamline all creative requests and store them in one project. Centralize all client, product, or other intake in Hive, which can automatically assign next steps and projects based on Form information.

Proofing & approvals

Proofing & approvals

Upload, proof, and approve any documents in one central portal that can be accessed by clients or internal teammates. Send to external approvers for review with one click, or set up detailed approval rounds to ensure cohesion.



Survey workspace progress with our Hive Analytics dashboards. Let us do the work for you and bring information from your Hive projects and other systems into
clean Dashboards, Goals, and Reports.

Team resourcing

Team resourcing

Plan out team member’s allocation and project responsibilities by week. Allocate team resources (either individuals or placeholders) by project to help your team and organization stay on track. Easily edit, modify, or reassign teammates with one click.

Collaboration & chat

Collaboration & chat

Chat directly with teammates in Hive Chat, or comment back and forth on relevant action cards. Create groups based on team, project, or company-wide goal to ensure streamlined communication. Change your status to alert your team that you are away or busy.

Hive Apps

Hive Apps

Because your tools should work for you, not the other way around. Customize your workspace with productive (and fun) additions. Access a full suite of add-ons, integrations, and more with Hive Apps.



Integrate with the tools you know and love, ranging from Google Drive to Salesforce. There are endless ways to integrate other tools into Hive either via direct integration, Pages, Goals and more. The sky is the limit.

Use cases for every team

However you work, hive can help.

Project management

Align on project goals, timeline, scope and objectives in one central location.


Plan and track goals across your company in Hive.


Align on marketing goals, programs and campaigns across the organization.


Streamline client intake, requests, campaigns, and reporting with Hive.


Streamline all files and updates, design files, attachments, proofing and more.


Track big-picture goals, export data, and analyze progress.

Integrates with all your other tools

Say goodbye to toggling between six different tools, just bring all of your important data into hive.

Team #successguaranteed

Teams all over the world use Hive to move faster.

“Hive has been a complete game changer – a year ago work from home would have been much more difficult…”

— Charlene Coughlin

“Forms and templates in Hive have helped us take on new business at a rapid pace.”

— Jennifer Estremera

“Hive was and is the only product that delivers exactly the tools and features a fast-moving marketing team like ours needs.”

— Jamie Manning

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