Hive Forms

How To Use Hive Forms to Capture and Execute Requests

Forms enable you to ask people questions and capture information from their responses. Whether you need to gather data from people internally or externally, using Hive’s online form creator is an easy way to request information, ask questions and get the details you need.

Hive Forms can be used for:

  • Running opinion polls or gaining feedback
  • Gathering information on employees or customers (e.g. contact info)
  • Collecting orders or requests
  • Capturing details for a new project request
  • Submitting performance reports

…and many other activities that require asking people questions and capturing information from their responses.

Once you have set up a custom form, people can fill it in via their web browsers, which makes it very easy for people to respond. You can even see stats on how people are using the forms you created. Whether you are running an opinion poll, collecting orders or seeking information or feedback, using forms in Hive is a great way to get things done. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Hive forms.

How to create a Form in Hive

The first step is to activate the Forms function. Go to the Apps tab in your left-hand navigation bar, find the ‘Forms’ option and toggle the slider to blue to activate. If you want, you can pin the Forms app to your navigation bar, so you can open it from there.

Once you have opened the Forms app, click the blue ‘Create new form’ button to get started. Within the form itself, you’ll see a few fields that need populating:

Title: Give your form an appropriate title.
Description: What’s the objective of the form? Who needs to complete it and why? How will the information be used? Give an accurate description in this space.
Form field: This is where the magic happens! You can customize your form using the options available to you in the lefthand Toolbox. We go into detail on this field shortly.
Confirmation message: This is the message that the person will see after they submit the form.

Your Hive Form Toolbox

On the left of the form field, you have a toolbox with a wide range of options for your form. Simply click and drag the question option you want into the field and populate it as required. Be sure to save as you go, so you don’t lose any of your work in progress.

There are plenty of question types available for you to customize. You also have lots of choices on how to present your form; you can insert files and images, create paragraphs of text, and add headers and line breaks between them.

You can add dates, and multi-text fields, which are useful for information such as addresses. You can also use ‘Choices from the Web’ to populate questions.

Advanced Functions

You have the option to use dynamic fields in the forms you create. Dynamic fields change depending on the answers respondents insert into the form. Hive Forms offer four dynamic field options: Dynamic Users, Dynamic Projects, Dynamic Labels and Dynamic Priorities to learn more, read our guide to dynamic fields here.

Deciding where to submit the form

Once you’ve set up your form, in the final ‘Submit to’ section you can decide where the form goes once a respondent has filled it in. You can file the form under a particular project or assign actions to team members. You can also set up form templates to save you time when setting up similar data capture processes in the future.

In this section, you have a checkbox where you can decide who receives a copy of the form, including a list of email addresses and the submitter themselves. There are also options around whether the submitter needs to sign into Hive, and who can edit the form.

When you have created the form, it will appear in your form library. You can copy and paste the URL and share it where required, both inside or outside of your Hive team or organization.

Hive Forms are a great way to collect valuable information about your team, your customers, and more. They are designed to be easy to set up and manage, and you have the ability to act on the captured information as soon as it is available.

For more on how to use Hive forms to capture and execute requests, watch our handy video guide:

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