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The Top 20 Online Proofing Tools For Creative Teams in 2024

Creative teams have high standards to maintain at all times. To help them produce the best work and ensure everyone is on the same page, they must use the best online proofing tools. That’s where this article comes in. 

Online proofing tools are web-based solutions that provide a collaborative platform for creative, marketing, and publishing projects to be edited, uploaded, shared, and reviewed. Online proofing software is usually available with a wide range of features. However, all of these tools share the ability to permit simultaneous collaborations on creative designs and publishing projects..

Using a good online proofing tool can help your creative team manage projects, and ensures they are error-free and meet their deadlines. What’s more, because online proofing tools are web-based, they allow your collaborators to access your projects easily, at any time of the day, and from any part of the world.

Online proofing means your team can make real-time changes where necessary and can then submit their edits as a file, through the online proofing platform. This saves them from having to send project pieces, separately, over a (possibly unreliable) file sharing service. 

Learn more about the best online proofing tools on the market to help you team tackle creative projects in 2024.

1. Hive

Hive proofing & approvals

Hive makes it easy for creative teams to manage every aspect of their project in one single dashboard — including proofing. While Hive is a leading project management software, it also supports proofing and approvals right within the same platform. This feature is great for creative teams and agencies who work on collaborative projects and need to get designs proofed and approved as one of the steps within the project. 

When you turn on the proofing and approval app in Hive, your team can attach a file to be reviewed and set up an approval round with both internal or external collaborators. From there, users can add annotations and comments to the file, and then mark the task as completed or request further changes. When you use Hive, you can combine your project management tool with your proofing tool — no need to switch back and forth between windows ever again. Get started with a free 14-day trial today.

2. Filestage

filestage proofing tool

Filestage is an extremely easy-to-use online proofing software that allows agencies and marketing teams of all company sizes to easily share, review and approve their work.

On the centralized platform colleagues and clients can comment, annotate and discuss content for ad campaigns, video production, landing page design, or any other project. As soon as everyone is happy with the content, they can approve the file with just one click. 

Furthermore Filestage offers its users more great features like task automation, inbuilt versioning and customizable workflows. This makes Filestage one of the best proofing tools out there and a great fit for marketing teams and creative agencies. If you want to check out the tool for yourself, you can easily start a free trial

3. SodaPDF Online

soda pdf

Soda PDF is a fully-featured PDF software solution that helps you manage documents with ease. Whether you’re looking to edit, create, convert, merge, split, secure or even E-Sign PDF documents, Soda PDF’s easy-to-use tools will help you accomplish these tasks faster than ever.

Soda PDF Online is accessible from any device with a web browser. Plus, Soda PDF allows you to connect to your SharePoint, Box or Dropbox account to easily upload, open and modify any document to your specific needs.

You can use Soda PDF’s Comment feature to pencil draw directly on your document, add sticker notes, highlight, strikethrough or whiteout text, or even insert or customize business stamps to be added directly within your document. Furthermore, Soda PDF provides you and your team with a simple way of viewing document revisions by using their Compare tool, which allows you to open and view two document versions at once.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use document management tool to increase productivity and streamline workflows, be sure to use Soda PDF’s proofing tools for all your document requirements. Best of all, when you create your FREE Soda PDF account, you’ll get access to their entire suite of PDF tools & services with a 7-day trial.

4. GoVisually


GoVisually is another online proofing software designed for creative and marketing teams. Design agencies that need a faster workflow review, and designers who need a more accessible, yet effective way to get clients’ feedback, use GoVisually for online proofing.

Design and marketing teams can use GoVisually to communicate and work better, and to speed up production. Creative teams can easily invite reviewers and other team members to join the process, so they can track versions, highlight errors, include corrections, review projects, and make immediate updates, collaboratively.

GoVisually has affordable plans and a free trial, with the smallest plan priced at $20 per month. It is suitable for enterprise companies and freelancers.

5. GoProof


GoProof is a user-friendly tool that allows all creative media collaboration to be brought into one central hub, so that members of a project don’t have to use a whole lot of different systems before getting project approval.

An interesting feature of the GoProof software is its ability to integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows team members to send proofs, get feedback, upload and edit files, send JPG, PDFs, and many more, all inside of the Adobe app.

GoProof software is available as web-based, cloud, Saas, and for Android and Apple users. It gives users a free trial period, before a monthly or annual payment is then deducted.

6. Approval Studio

approval studio

Approval Studio helps you get effective approval for any design. It comes with four comparison modes, and includes a difference finder that will help you track changes in each new version, thereby avoiding critical mistakes.

The software has a seven-language version that allows each project member to select their preferred language, thereby mitigating any language barriers and uniting clients and teams worldwide.

Approval Studio also lets you look at the layout and design, from different perspectives , easily. Other key features include; unlimited projects and reviewers, real-time chat, third party integrations, and many more.

7. Aproove


Another online proofing tool is Aproove. It’s a cloud platform that’s designed to manage the entire project’s approval and collaboration process efficiently. It is able to meet the most challenging requirements of visual professionals and other users.

The software’s project-centralized dashboard means you’ll never miss a deadline, as you can track your progress on each project easily, and get early warning indicators of late project submissions.

The software enables video proofing with real-time collaboration. Each account is secured by a two-factor authentication(2FA), as a security layer.

8. Markup Hero

Markup Hero

Markup Hero helps professionals and teams capture ideas and communicate clearly with their daily-use screenshot and annotation tools. Snap screenshots with their free desktop app or Chrome extension and upload images or PDF’s from their web interface. Then add annotations like arrows, boxes, text, highlights, callouts, and much more. 

Markup Hero is great for a ton of use cases; from user feedback and customer service to marketing review, sales communication, and product QA. Just about every remote worker should have a screenshot and annotation tool in their toolbox. Markup Hero is a great option because it’s lightning-fast, works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, and desktop or mobile web. Plus, it works with many of your daily productivity apps like Slack and has some slick integrations like Google Drive which enables you to annotate Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from Drive with one click.

Markup Hero is only $5/month and you can try it out for free.

9. Workfront

Designed for streamlined workflows and faster outcomes, the new Workfront experience creates a more modern and intuitive work canvas for people.

Workfront is a project management platform that connects creative and marketing teams and individuals, to achieve success. The tool supports diligent planning, streamlined processes, and reporting on a real-time basis, to get the best out of the work environment. It is good for enhancing collaboration, work automation, and speeding up workflows, as it eliminates the communication barrier and makes the most out of talent and time.

Workfront is ideal for teams with requirements for project management, digital collaborations, and resource management,such as those in marketing, product development, professional services, and other agencies. The tool is available in eight languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese. Users of this powerful tool can choose between four plans, for various workgroup configurations.

10. Pastel


With Pastel, it is easy to invite your clients and team members to leave comments directly on your live websites. Simply input a website URL, to share a link and to invite anyone to comment on it.

All comments are pinned to a specific element and are recorded to help you resolve all project issues faster and more effectively. With Pastel, your website design changes are constantly updated, to keep everyone in the loop.

Collaborate effectively with designers and developers to transform designs into picture-perfect websites and receive actionable feedback from customers to get faster project approval.

11. ReviewStudio

review studio

ReviewStudio is an online proofing tool designed for marketing teams, production and creative studios, and ad agencies, to make the review and approval process easier.

Whether you are proofing a PDF or a video, or annotating an HTML, ReviewStudio is the easiest way to follow up on feedback, tasks, revisions, and approvals. Using ReviewStudio means your projects are completed on time.

For individual accounts, the tool is priced at $15 per month; it’s $56 per month for single teams, $124 per month for multiple teams and agencies pay $240 a month.

12. WebProof


WebProof is an online tool that makes it easy for graphics companies, designer agencies, newspapers, and translators to collaborate, and review projects. It allows for seamless communication between collaborators.

With WebProof, teams can remove any obstacles from their workflow; thereby reducing costs and completing projects faster. Users have full control over the proofing process and can integrate InDesign and FileMaker workflows.

Are you having any difficulty with the tool? You can get help from a live representative, who is always online to assist with any questions you might have .

13. LookAt


Here’s another powerful proofing tool that lets you collaborate on any video or other file, in real-time. LookAt makes it easy to compare documents when dealing with different edited versions. In the tool, each version is shown in a split-screen, makes it easier to manage the latest version of a project. All previous versions are also well organized and easily accessible if you do need to revisit them.

The tool can also be integrated with other editing tools, such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and others, while you view the comments. Users can also share and review a video privately, so each team only sees what its members are allowed to see.

14. Indy

indy files

Indy is a user-friendly platform for managing your freelance projects. Bring all your workflows into one place with Indy’s tools, which allow you to create proposals, build out contracts, and create invoices in minutes with automatic tools. And now with its latest proofing tool, Files, you can upload your work, receive feedback and comments, and get approval with the click of a button.

In addition to proofing, Indy makes managing projects easier because you can use the Forms tool to automate client info requests, the Time Tracking tool to manage hourly billing, and the Tasks tool to connect tasks to Projects and get work done.

15. Pageproof

Pageproof dashboard

Welcome feedback from your team with Pageproof. What makes Pageproff a powerful solution for online proofing is the ability to send and receive feedback from a variety of formats, including video, HTML web banners, email templates, websites, audio, imagery, documents, Microsoft Office files, Acrobat PDFs, Adobe CC files, 3D and prototype designs. The tool offers seamless integrations to popular collaborative solutions such as Google Drive, Slack, Asana, Adobe Photoshop, Box, and others. Free for reviewers. Pricing starts at $199/month with no per user pricing or storage limits.

16. Ziflow

Ziflow dashboard

Ziflow is an online proofing tool that supports over 1,200 types of creative assets. From emailing PDFs, uploading video files to Dropbox, sending links for digital ads, the software promises crystal clear feedback with effective deadlines and integrations. Ziflow’s powerful collaboration features goes beyond comments, but also allows comment formatting, attachments on comments, measurement tools, @mentions, comment labels, To Do’s, copying comments from version to version. Another handy feature of Ziflow is a version comparison tool that includes AutoCompare. This way you can easily see former versions and decide which one to go with. Ziflow offers a free plan for personal use. Their starter plan is ideal for growing teams and starts at $20/month per user.

17. Proofhub

proofhub online proofing

Proofhub is an organized workplace for online proofing, task lists, workflows, discussions, and more. Plan projects, collaborate with teams and clients while keeping files organized, generating reports, and tracking the overall progress. Files and documents can be reviewed and approved by assigned users. There’s no need to install any software on a computer and it has its own mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The platform is cloud-based, so everything is always backed up and secure.

Use Gantt charts to calculate and add milestones to your calendar, then notify teams and customers using Proofhub’s chat feature. It also has Kanban boards and the ability to connect with popular apps for file storage, accounting and invoicing. Proofhub offers two simple fixed pricing plans with no per-user fees.

18. ProjectHuddle

ProjectHuddle Banner

ProjectHuddle is a WordPress plugin that facilitates a proofing process putting a stop to delays caused by slow feedback. Rather than sending back and forth email chains deciding what a client likes or doesn’t like, this tool uses sticky note-style feedback instead. Simply install and activate the ProjectHuddle plugin, link your client’s website, and now you can both click anywhere on the page and leave comments. It’s a fast and easy way for your team to collaborate and refine designs, collect feedback and interact with clients. ProjectHuddle is a very useful plugin for web designers to use, with simple click and comment functionality, as well as the ability to white label it as your own.

19. Krock

Krock proofing is an online proofing software that simplifies the review and collaboration process for teams of all sizes. Its centralized platform allows colleagues and clients to provide feedback, annotate, and discuss content for a variety of projects, including ad campaigns, landing page design, and video production. With just one click, stakeholders can approve the file once they are satisfied with the content. also includes an innovative AI-powered online storyboard feature that automatically creates visual narratives from text. This feature saves teams time and effort in content creation, making it an excellent proofing tool for marketing teams, video editors, video producers, and creative agencies looking to streamline their workflow. Start with a free 7-day trial and if you decide to continue using it, individual plans are $15/month and team plans are $50/month for unlimited users.

20. zipBoard


zipBoard is an online proofing tool that helps creative teams get work approved on time. It is a centralized platform where clients can provide real-time feedback on live websites, web apps, eLearning courses, PDF documents, videos, MP3s and images. The platform also lets you track reviews of multiple collaborators (in Kanban and Table views) and maintain different versions of work using phases — all in one place, right from the browser.

zipBoard integrates seamlessly with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Lambda Test, and Wrike. And also provides APIs for custom integrations. This online proofing tool helps teams get more context and fix issues faster due to its inbuilt task manager and annotation features (including pencil, rectangle, highlighter, screenshot, screen recording, and more.). Pricing starts at $99 per month for unlimited projects, reviewers, and collaborators.

This article provides an overview of how each of the tools, mentioned above, works. Don’t forget that it’s also essential to train your employees to use new software, under your brand guidelines, to ensure you get the best results.