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Performance reviews are an essential part of the growth process at most organizations. A good performance review process motivates employees, increases engagement, and can help take talent development to a new level. We’ve put together this performance review template to help guide the review process, whether you’re at a large corporation or smaller start-up.

Use this performance review template to easily map out the status of each review, categorize by department, and organize next steps. Hive’s internal chat functions also promotes ease of communication between teams or individuals.

A few quick tips to effectively use this performance review template:

  • The Gantt Chart is the perfect way to lay out long-term goals and actions leading up to or coming out of the reviews. With this view you can easily map out major deliverables, set dependencies, and assign due dates.
  • Simply switch to the Kanban Board or Table View┬áto monitor day to day pitch progress for each review throughout the performance review template.
  • Monitor the project and be alerted to any potential risks using Hive Analytics.
  • Quick Tip: Want to easily see what each team member has assigned to them? Check out team view!

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