Today we’re going to talk about the agency tools that will set you apart from your competition. We all know that the agency world is unique. One single agency works for several — if not dozens or hundreds — of different organizations around the world that trust that agency with their offline and online marketing, advertising, and other digital campaigns. The vast impact that advertising agencies have on the business world as we know it can be surmised with a few statistics. Did you know that U.S. ad agencies were projected to generate over 45 billion dollars in revenue in 2020? Additionally, the market size of the advertising industry, measured by revenue, in 2020 was over $54 billion. Those are staggering statistics. 

To be successful in this sort of role requires a specific skill set, attention to detail, and the proper agency tools. The idea of agency tools is specifically important because agencies conduct largely project-based work. Because one team can be working on behalf of several clients, having a project management, time-tracking, digital marketing, or file management tool at your disposal can make-or-break your success. In this article, we’ll round up some of the best agency tools for a range of purposes, including project management, SEO, file management, and more.

1. Hive

Best agency tool for project management

Hive is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, but it is especially useful for agencies. Because agencies are doing project-based work, having a project management tool at your disposal is a no-brainer. It’s critical that you have a way to track tasks and projects throughout a campaign lifecycle, and for this, Hive is a great fit. 

Some features of Hive include:

  • Flexible project views, including Gantt, Kanban, calendar, table, and portfolio view
  • Ability to add comments, sub-actions, dependencies, and attachments to action cards
  • Time-tracking and timesheets capabilities
  • Resourcing functionalities
  • Integrations with over 1,000 tools like Jira, Gmail, Zoom and Salesforce
  • Native chat and email integrations that allow increased connectivity
  • Detailed, real-time analytics
  • Web and desktop apps

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2. Dropbox

Best agency file management tool

Dropbox Agency Tool

There’s a reason Dropbox is trusted by massive brands and agencies, like Dentsu, all over the world. Over 500,000 teams are currently using Dropbox, and it’s because the file storage solution is simple and straightforward while also being robust enough to handle more complicated storage and file management. Bonus: Check out Dropbox Paper if you want a note-taking tool for your agency.

Some features of Dropbox include:

  • Stress-free file sharing stored in the cloud that can be shared with anyone, even if they don’t have Dropbox
  • Create shared team folders with Dropbox cloud solution for teams
  • Manage folder permissions so only specific people can access sensitive information
  • Sync files across devices and platforms
  • Get offline access to files across devices

3. Hubspot

Best CRM for agencies 

Hubspot Agency Tool

For agencies all over the world, having a CRM, or customer relationship management platform, is critical when you’re pitching business and tracking customer engagement. Hubspot’s CRM is a great tool for agencies because it’s free, and has a lot of the basic functionalities you’d need to track pipeline and log sales activity.

Some features of Hubspot include:

  • View up-to-date sales information on a customized dashboard
  • Store all customer information and data
  • Tracks customer interactions automatically
  • Sort by deals won, meetings scheduled, or quota performance

4. SEMrush

Best SEO tool for agencies 

SEMrush Agency Tool

SEO and content development or management can be a large part of an agency’s day-to-day, especially for a SEO company or content-specific agencies. SEMrush is amazing for agencies of all sizes, as it allows you to track and leverage actionable SEO insights for your clients. If you’re looking for SEMrush alternatives, check out this resource.

Some features of SEMrush include:

  • An SEO dashboard that includes macro-level keyword and ranking insights for your client
  • In-depth traffic analytics
  • Link-building and keyword research
  • Site audit capabilities
  • SEO content templates

5. Slack

Best agency tool for instant messaging

Slack Agency Tool

Since there are tons of moving parts constantly in flux at an agency, having a centralized place where individuals can communicate is key. Slack is great because you can individually message people, group chat, or set aside “channels” for your whole team. 

Some features of Slack include:

  • Channels which serve as a central space for communications, file sharing, and news
  • Chat for quick one-off messages with a colleague
  • Video and voice calls through integrations with tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco
  • Integrations with over 2,200 tools including Hive and OneDrive

6. Google Analytics

Best agency tool for analytics

Google Analytics Agency Tool

Google Analytics is a basic marketing and analytics tool that is absolutely necessary for any businesses who have a digital presence — if you’re an agency, you should be able to use GA to understand your client’s customer base, how they operate, and what parts of the site they resonate with. After you’ve hooked your client’s website up to Google Analytics, you can easily track visitors and parse in a variety of ways, including by if they’re new users, their source, and if they’ve made a purchase.

Some features of Google Analytics include:

  • Real-time tracking of traffic on your or your clients website
  • Ability to create custom reports based on traffic by source, URL, and more
  • Conversion tracking reports
  • Ability to set goals in-platform

7. Hootsuite

Best agency tool for social media scheduling

Hootsuite Agency Tool

Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management dashboard that helps you plan and schedule social posts across networks — critical for any agency that is managing a client’s social media. It is one of the first tools to allow easy scheduling for social posts, which will save your social media manager tons of time.This tool also provides clear post performance analytics that help your team dissect successes and failures, and plan for improved reach in the future.

Some features of Hootsuite include:

  • Ability to plan and schedule social media posts across platforms
  • Monitor trending topics on social media
  • Analyze past performance across platforms
  • Integrate with over 250 tools in the Hootsuite ecosystem including Canva and Adobe

8. Zoom

Best agency tool for video collaboration

Zoom Agency Tool

Zoom is an incredible video collaboration tool that lets you meet virtually with participants from around the world. Since companies all over the world went remote in the wake of COVID 19, Zoom has become a great agency tool for creative teams across the globe.

Some features of Zoom include:

  • Interactive screen-sharing on video calls
  • Virtual backgrounds that individuals can upload
  • Breakout rooms customizable for each meeting
  • Chat window for group participants
  • Ability to record meetings and save for future use

9. Loom

Best tool for agencies to communicate asynchronously 

Loom Remote Work Tools

Loom is a great tool for asynch communication because it allows you to record video tutorials or videos of yourself sharing information with colleagues. For agencies, this is extremely helpful as it can be used internally, or as an updating mechanism for clients. If they want a daily update, but you don’t have the bandwidth for a 30 minute call, you can use Loom to record a message for them, updating them on progress.

Some features of Loom include:

  • Ability to record video messages of your camera or on-screen
  • Chrome integration that makes it easier than ever to record
  • Easy-share links of your videos that can be copied and pasted

10. Unbounce

Best tool for creating landing pages


Unbounce is a top landing page platform that is great for marketers and agencies who manage campaigns and programs online. Great landing pages can help agencies launch campaigns faster, and therefore start providing results for clients ASAP. This software makes it easy for anyone at your agency to create custom, high-converting landing pages, regardless of background or design experience. Even more, the Unbounce account structure makes campaign management and client collaboration as seamless as possible.

Some features of Unbounce:

  • 100+ customizable templates to launch pages sooner
  • A/B testing to help optimize campaigns
  • User permissions let you tailor client access to each campaign
  • Lead notifications sent to clients in real time

11. Zapier

Best tool for automating agency tasks

Zapier Best Agency Tool

Zapier is the easiest way to automate your work. It’s ideal for agencies who are working on lots of different tools and want a way to connect them all seamlessly. The first step of building a connection with Zapier is to integrate the two tools you’re looking to connect, which can be done with a few clicks — this lets them share date. Next, you can automate your work by passing information between the two apps. From there, you can create full workflows.

Some features of Zapier:

  • Set a trigger to set off a series of straightforward actions
  • Finish routine tasks automatically with Zapps
  • Integrate over 3,000 apps

12: MobileMonkey

Best online chatbot tool for agencies 


MobileMonkey is an online chatbot platform that provides digital marketing, sales, and customer support. This chatbot is especially great for agencies, as it helps retain clients longer as you drive meaningful results like increased lead volume, higher ROAS for Facebook Ads, and lower CPA. With MobileMonkey, you can use chatbots to capture leads,  automate instant FAQs, book appointments, download digital resources, and register participants for webinars.

MobileMonkey even offers a special Team Plan for agencies, which gives you access to advanced marketing automation features, revenue sharing as an affiliate partner, and access to additional leads from the MobileMonkey Agency Directory.

Some features of MobileMonkey:

  • Omnichat technology, which lets you manage Facebook Messenger, Instagram messaging, live chat on websites, and SMS text message marketing from one single platform
  • Mobile Monkey and Zapier Integration lets you connect 1000+ apps
  • Mobile app lets you manage your multi-channel chat inbox from wherever you are

13. Scoro

Best Tool For Agency Business Management

Scoro is a work management software that helps professional service businesses — including agencies — streamline every aspect of the business. Scoro acts as a one-stop-shop for agencies, bringing many different tool features into one single control hub. Scoro can help agencies manage projects, track sales and daily activity, and measure profitability based on time spent and billed. It’s an end-to-end work tool with the power to transform the way an agency operates.

Some features of Scoro:

  • Time management features include shared calendars, timesheets, and a built-in time tracker
  • Real time Gantt chart for collaborative project management
  • CRM features give 360 degree view of every contact
  • Track deals and opportunities in real-time to optimize deal velocity

14. Dialpad

Best hub for agency business communication


Dialpad is a business communication tool that meets all of your organization’s needs with one single app. Whether it’s internal meetings, customer service calls, sales outreach, or day to day conversations, Dialpad has a solution to help everyone on your team communicate effectively online. No matter what kind of business your agency is in, Dialpad offers a flexible and reliable platform that keeps your conversations and colleagues connected, regardless of where everyone is working from.

Some features of Dialpad:

  • Cloud phone system to make phone calls from anywhere, on any device
  • Video meeting tool with built-in AI
  • Messaging platform that supports 1:1 chats, group threads, and channels

15. Help Scout

Best tool for collaborating with clients over email


A popular Zendesk alternative, Help Scout is a saas helpdesk tool that helps agencies streamline email communications with clients. Use Help Scout to create one or more shared inboxes that let everyone on an account send emails to and receive emails from clients. You also get collaboration tools like collision detection that show you when someone else is actively replying or has already replied to an email, helping prevent duplicate responses and work.

Some features of Help Scout:

  • Shared inboxes that allow account teams to manage all email communications in one mailbox, making it easy for others to step in when someone is out of the office.
  • Proactive messages that let you engage prospects while they’re browsing your site—share relevant content or encourage them to start a live chat conversation.
  • Integrations with 90+ apps like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Asana, and Slack.

16. DataFeedWatch

Best feed management tool for agencies 


With online shopping becoming more of the norm, establishing a multichannel selling strategy is a must for advertisers. Optimized product feeds are the foundation to any successful PPC campaign. With DataFeedWatch you can create fully optimized product feeds based on your existing data and then send them to the channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It’s a perfect tool to manage the performance of thousands of products across multiple channels.

Some features of DataFeedWatch include: 

  • Create, manage and optimize feeds across your entire client portfolio with sub-accounts for your staff and your customers
  • Save time by creating universal feed rules that will work with any channel of your choice
  • Accessing and managing your clients’ accounts – simplified
  • Flexible and custom-fit plans adapted to grow your customer base at your own pace

17. Snov

Best email verification tool

Email verification software is a useful tool that helps marketing and sales professionals check the validity of the email addresses in their mailing lists. This is extremely important for agencies who work with large mailing lists or need to confirm email addresses ahead of a campaign. Snov is one of the most popular email validation tools that is used by more than a thousand professionals. Just last year alone, Snov verified over 90 million emails.

Some features of Snov email validation include:

  • Individual email checker
  • Bulk email verifier
  • Catch-all email and domain check

These are just a few of our favorite agency tools that your business can use to level-up your tech stack. We’ll be regularly updating the list with additional finds, so keep checking back for updates.