Airtable is a modern and widely used piece of project management software that mimics the spreadsheet-like operations of Excel or Google Sheets. While both Excel and Google Sheets were not meant to function as project management tools, in comparison, Airtable offers added features that are useful for businesses that like the spreadsheet look and are comfortable with this form of tracking.

However, Airtable does come with limitations of its own. Its structured and spreadsheet-like views might prohibit your company from scaling, and the program does not offer as many features as some alternative options on the market. For businesses looking for Airtable alternatives, we have put together a few options for you to choose from.

From project management platforms like Smartsheet, which has the same spreadsheet look as Airtable, to programs like Hive, which offers visually stunning dashboards and moveable task cards ⁠— there are plenty of Airtable alternatives to improve your business’s processes and help you manage projects better.

The Pros and Cons of Airtable


Airtable has a distinct look: the spreadsheet workflow. For those who like working strictly in spreadsheets, there are several other tools on the market that offer similar layouts. However, if you want to explore other game-changing platforms that expand your options beyond the simple spreadsheet workflow, there is no shortage of project management tools to explore.

While the spreadsheet look and limited functionality of Airtable might be the reason you are looking for alternatives, another reason might be a lack of features. While Airtable is customizable and made for team collaboration, it gets bogged down by complex operations and can get extremely clunky when you try to add additional members or collaborators.

5 Top Airtable Alternatives

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you feel limited by some aspect of Airtable’s features. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. No matter which of the Airtable alternatives you decide to go with, it’s important to choose one that will fit your unique business model and one you are comfortable working in.

Explore these great Airtable alternatives and see how you can level up your spreadsheets.

1. Hive

If you want to flip the spreadsheet- look over on its head, check out Hive. This project management program that is “built for users, by users” offers integrated workflow management with plenty of room to scale. With its built-in chat function and four view options (Gantt, Kanban, Table, Calendar) Hive offers the perfect place for teams to communicate and collaborate.

Hives automation tools give vital time back to your business, providing both email and task automation, so your team can focus more on projects and less on redundant tasks. This platform is a great way to create simple workflows from an overly complicated work process. Built on a user-friendly dashboard with a killer customer service department for any questions, Hive is the perfect platform for teams of any size.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive dashboard for streamlining project management
  • Time tracking, customizable workflows, and a native chat function
  • Over 1,000 integration options


  • The program is available in a free version, or you can upgrade to $12 /month for unlimited users. If you want to check it out, you can also try it for free for 14 days!

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2. Trello

trello content marketing

A platform that is completely different than Airtable, Trello exists as a neatly organized collection of moveable boards and lists. Your team can take these boards and grow and scale from there, adding tasks, timelines, individual productivity metrics, and more. Trello has an easy learning curve, and after a few minutes into the system, even the most novice of users can get the hang of it.

Trello’s built-in automation helper, Butler, can help your team reduce time and tasks across the organization by reducing the time spent on tedious or redundant tasks. Trello also offers its unique spin on integrations, calling them “Power-Ups,” which are available to help integrate third-party apps into the Trello dashboard. If this sounds appealing to you, check out these top Trello alternatives to learn more about similar tools on the market.

Key Features:

  • Visual interface with unlimited card availability for projects
  • Custom backgrounds & stickers
  • Included “Power-Ups” and automation options


  • Available as a free version with a ton of bells and whistles, or you can upgrade to standard for $5/month for enterprise for $17.50/month. You can also try it free to see if you like the platform.

3. Smartsheet


With a tagline that promises “custom solutions to fit your work”, Smartsheet delivers. A platform that is both spreadsheet-based and scalable, Smartsheet is a dynamic program that offers its users solutions to unlock productivity. Smartsheet can help teams on a single project from beginning to end or connect multiple projects together with collaboration, communication, and task management.

Smartsheet is one of the most similar Airtable alternatives, but it also provides some additional features that you don’t get with Airtable. With its powerful tracking functions and a built-in resource management tool, Smartsheet gives its users great customization options and excellent project management tools. Check out our list of top Smartsheet alternatives to read about even more tools out there.

Key Features:

  • Team portals to connect users
  • Built-in resource management tool
  • Document management with shareable sheets and file attachments


  • Available to try for 14 days for free, you can try this program out without the obligations of a monthly fee. If you want to upgrade to the paid version, individual plans start at $7/month, and enterprise businesses should call to get a price.

4. Workzone

Workzone Project Management Tool

A platform that has been around since 2000, this web-based software program is a little bit older than the other options but just as robust. Workzone is a spreadsheet-based project management tool that works like Airtable. However, Workzone has a little more functionality. Built with great project management tools such as resource, task, and time tracking, Workzone has many built-in offerings that make it a great Airtable alternative. 

With customized reporting and automation, Workzone can do as much – or as little- as you need. The best part is that if you still love that spreadsheet look, Workzone offers that feel, that but also gives its users alternate views like Gantt or calendar view so your team can see tasks, projects, and deadlines in different ways.

Key Features:

  • Time tracking with reporting functionality
  • Resource allocation charts
  • Unlimited training & support 


  • Pricing begins at $24/month for teams of 5 or more and goes up to enterprise pricing at $42/month. 

5. is a great alternative to Airtable if you are looking for a functional yet clear way to manage your projects. While Airtable uses tables to store and manage data, is guided by tasks. The platform offers task management, dependency tracking and several app integrations, such as Slack, Jira, Asana and HubSpot CRM. also offers native social media management and free educational webinars for all subscribers. The project management software has a feature called “panic button”, which allows users to lock down the entire account to protect data in case the account gets compromised. 

Key features: 

  • Boards & Columns
  • Tasks automation
  • Checklists
  • Apps Integration
  • File views, kanban views, form views, chart views


  • has a free plan for up to 2 users with some feature limitations. Basic plans start at $8/user/month. Get a 14-day free trial. 

6. ClickUp

ClickUp dashboard view

ClickUp is an alternative to Airtable with a highly efficient dashboard view and collaboration features. The platform free version offers features that you only get in the paid plan of Airtable, such as goals, embedded emails, conditional automation, task checklists, custom task statuses, sprints, and 24/7 support. ClickUp also offers native email, several templates and free integrations. To see how ClickUp stacks up against other tools on the market, check out our complete guide to Click Up alternatives.

Key Features: 

  • Workload view
  • Team chat
  • Smart Notification 
  • Custom roles
  • Dynamic Recurring Tasks
  • Assigned Comments
  • Docs & Notepad
  • Customizable Board View
  • Mind Maps


ClickUp has a free plan that contemplates many paid Airtable features. ClickUp’s paid plan starts at $5 per member/per month. 

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